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A few ways that we work in teams:

Appreciation of others and their gifts. Truly believing that our work together will produce a stronger product than what I can make independently. Trusting each other and being grateful one another's unique strengths. If you feel like people may not be sharing gifts, finding ways to make it safer so when people are ready they can share their gifts.

Working to build Group Mind. In our experience, we notice that most people think they have great ideas and they always believe that our ideas are the best. We support in understanding that we can't push everyone's ideas through and working to find compromise or building on each other's ideas. Knowing it may not be your turn this time but that time will come. Also the idea that you are aware that someone may have put their idea to the side to help move your idea forward. It helps to have a more aware and humble environment where you appreciate your team versus thinking your idea was just the best.

Taking risk. We are big believers in taking risk and we have seen this with newer employees or well established employees. The newer people are expected not to know and almost everything is a risk. The more established employees are willing to try something new or are supporting newer employees and taking a risk with them. It is the middle group that seem to be more in a an ego state, or feel like they should know so don't take risk, or they feel like their routine is the best way to do things. True growth happens in the uncomfortable and working to think about how do we continue to grow. We like to push to the vulnerability and practice supporting each other in that space so that we are constantly growing and learning.

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